Learning About My World


Hands-on strategies and fun help children develop skill in math and science including creative math learning games to emphasize process, exploration, inquiry, and solution. Creativity is nurtured and developed.

Our open art center is available during child directed time, including activities such as painting, beading, weaving, drawing, stamping, coloring, stencils, cutting and pasting materials, etc.



Structured lesson plans include:

Math presented through fun learning games, books, dramatic stories, poems, felt stories and music exposure to

Shapes, sizes, sequences, counting, classifying, recognizing and creating patterns

Numerical recognition, predicting, comparing, matching, grouping, using pocket charts, and sorting

Science projects using “hands-on” methods help children learn

Problem solving and explanations on why simple events occur

Understanding changes including strategies to change outcomes, and cause/effect  

Music includes musical performance experiences through learning     

Singing, playing instruments, learning rhythm, dance and movement                                                    

Learning tempo, pitch, intensity and mood     

Exposure to children’s music, along with classical, opera, Broadway and international genres

Dramatic arts, role play and engaging in dramatic stories are also included opportunities.