Touching, Seeing, Hearing & Moving

Children experience the environment using their senses, along with puppet shows, felt stories, music and books.

An open art area is also available for children to create their own art during free choice play time.                                                        

Large motor development skills are achieved in various activities

Tight rope walk, bean bag games, obstacle course, basketball toss      Musical chairs, parachute games, scarf/ribbon dancing, tumbling     30 Minutes outdoor playing on swings, jungle gyms, slides, balls, tunnels, parachutes and Merry-Go-Round

Small motor skill activities include the use of                                

Play dough, cutting and pasting, painting, drawing, tracing          Puzzles, beading, stringing, weaving, coloring, block building               Gears, writing, peg boards, dominos, magnets, Lincoln Logs, stamp pads and stencils