Building Relationships

Social and emotional development is significantly associated with a child’s overall success in school and all life settings. 

Our curriculum encourages and gives children opportunities to master many social goals before kindergarten:

Follow safety rules, take turns, and choose self-directed activities during free choice play

Play cooperatively and develop friendships with peers

Interact with a variety of children, trust and interact comfortably with familiar adults

Follow direction and class room rules

Engage positively in group activities

Respect others, demonstrate negotiation skills, accept responsibility

Have a realistic sense of their abilities and strengths

Communicate verbally to be understood, express feelings, and respect sameness and differences in others

During child directed free choice play time, children engage in their choice of interactive play while learning to negotiate, problem solve, communicate, compromise, develop friendships, and share.

During teacher directed time, fun opportunities are provided for children to learn to act in socially appropriate ways through role playing, games, drama, music, and group learning. Puppet shows, felt stories, and books are also provided to help stimulate appropriate social behavior.

Conflict provides opportunities to learn skills such as negotiating, asking, and compromise. Teachers assist children in solving conflicts when needed.