"This is our second year and we couldn't be happier. I can't say enough about this preschool -- warm, safe, loving, educational! " (Elaine H.)

“Simply put,this is a lovely little preschool. It provides a very loving, nurturing, and safe environment while doing a great job preparing her for Kindergarten-my daughter loves it and she has learned so much. She especially enjoys music and drama!” (Iris G.)

“I like my school because they have costumes and they have cars, I can paint and I can write my name and letters!” (Louisa van S.)

“I have seen kids coming in for the first weeks very shy and after two years they get a lead role in the end of year play! The teachers are always encouraging the children and they really show that they love the children-that is what is amazing! (Jody S. )

"This was such a find for us and the teachers are what make it! They are just wonderful, thoughtful, and full of energy for the kids.” (Sue M.)

“The atmosphere the teachers create is a loving, caring environment with fun activities for the children to learn about the world and prepare for their Kindergarten year.” (Kathy K.)

“It feels like family. They truly care about my child and their development.” (Lisa K.)

"When my husband lost his job and they covered our tuition until he found another one. They really have a heart!” (Sheri T.)

“We sent our oldest son here and when he went to Kindergarten he was so prepared. When it was time for our second son to go to preschool we did not hesitate enrolling him, as we knew that they would work on Kindergarten readiness and I would not have to worry.” (Mary M.)

“I kept hearing about this great little school that so many of my friends had sent their children to. I checked it out and enrolled my daughter and she loved it. The teachers always made time to check in with parents. I saw the director working in the school room several times a week and whenever I had a question she would always get back to me. “(Mandy H.)

“I am so glad we found a place where the teachers even introduced me to other moms and helped me arrange car pooling and play dates.” (Lisa P.)

“My child was very shy and they really helped her feel at ease. The director loves the children and she would always talk to my daughter and encourage her and it made such a difference. She really blossomed and became so much more confident. I would recommend this wonderful little school to everyone.” (Cindi B.)