Miss Janet

Miss Janet (Lewis) gets pleasure from teaching preschool age children because they are always so excited to learn and she believes learning should be fun – a personal goal that she strives to employ every day at Lil Gems Preschool.

She enjoys the process of helping children develop into their own person, one that has respect for others and has learned to share, interact and cooperate with others their own age.  She adores their artwork, reading them stories and loves to be included in their puppet shows.

Since 2009, Miss Janet has had the pleasure of serving as a teacher to the wonderful, young minds that have come through the doorway of what she describes as “our amazing and loving environment.”

Prior opportunities for teaching included working at her church’s primary school, where she worked with children from 18 months to 16 years of age.

As a mother of two teenage daughters, she has also been an active volunteer at their schools, from preschool through junior high. Besides being a room parent, she worked in the school’s office with the administration as well as with individual students. She was also a Girl Scout leader for her youngest daughter’s troop.